French national Day 2021

On July the 14th 1789, French revolutionaries took possession of the Bastille, hot spot of the Bourbon's monarchy, as a symbol of victory over gentry's privileges and destitution of the people.

Ever since, the 14th of July is the French national day. We usualy gather around the same traditional dishes revolutionnaries used to eat, cheering at the claim of the famous French slogan "Freedom, Equality, Fraternity".

Despite the lack of fireworks this day generaly ends up with in France, our Chef prepared a traditional menu at the Diplomatico that would have made his French ancestors proud! Celery-remoulade and devil eggs, Salmon with Ravigote sauce and Pepercorn beef fillet ("rare, s'il vous plait!") met perfectly that night with the dessert in the shape of a French flag.

Ray had prepared a nice french playlist and set up a karaoke you were a lot to take part in.

In all, this night was a genuine delight!

Thank you to all of our regular customers as well as the new ones who came that night. You truly brought in the spirit of Bastille Day, and we are very glad we could have shared this day in such good company!

Rendez-vous next year!

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